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Today, I recommend some illumination event which is held in Yomiuriland.

You can easily access to this amusement park from the main train stations in Tokyo such as Shinjuku and Shibuya.

From our hotel, it takes around 1 hour to get there by train. It may not be close but not too far as well:)

Yomiuriland is the largest amusement park in Tokyo, and now you can enjoy the Jewellumination, which is named after the combination of “jewel” and “illumination”.

The main season for light-up events, winter, comes to an end soon, but this event will last till 7th April (not every day though)!

This park has 8 areas, and they have been fully renewal opened this 2018-2019. Each area is lit up under some theme respectively, so they have different atmosphere.

There are also many shops to get delicious meals, snacks, and sweets, so you can enjoy this brilliant park with gourmet foods!

If you would like to enjoy some activity in night time, this can be one of the greatest opportunities for you. Why don’t you try it once?


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