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Today, we are going to write about "Yokohama".

I think many people knows where Yokohama is but not what they have.

・Ueno --------JR Ueno Tokyo Line--------Yokohama (40 minutes )

Yokohama is famous for night view, china town and amusement park!

It has many fun ride and coin games that little kids can play ('ω')ノ

This giant Ferris Wheel is "named Cosmo Clock 21" that easy for you to tell what time you were there :)

This picture down below, it is called "Aka Renga" also called "Red Brick Warehouse"

A lot of small shops and restaurant inside of this building, and seasonal event in this huge open space.

Minato Mirai is one of the beautiful night view spot in Japan. It is very popular spot for both Japanese and tourist☆ As you can see, this view is very beautiful….You know that you must see this night view when you go there ☺ You also can see this view while you are taking the cruise. //Search for night view cruise in Yokohama//

Please share your experiences when you visit UNO UENO 😊

Let us assist you if you need help!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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