Vending machine

Hello everyone!

It has been colder lately.

How are you doing?

Today’s main topic is “vending machine”.

Do you always use vending machines?

There are so many vending machine around us.

For example,automatic vending machines for drinks and automatic ticket vending machines at train stations as familiar vending machines.

I think that there are quite a few people who have never used vending machines in Japanese.

Although it is a vending machine which has so much penetrated into us, there are many kinds of it.

I think that it is probably this type of vending machine that probably people imagined.

Recently, you can also see the vending machine with touch panel type.

It is very easy to exchange product!

There are also types that come out with paper cups but we have not seen much recently.

There is also a vending machine of bottle milk familiar with public spa etc.

Also, there are many other vending machines that sell.

There are really many such as tobacco, tissue, items selling sweets and books, instant noodles etc.

There is also a vending machine of convenience store.

Of course the goods are the same things that are sold at convenience stores too.

I have not seen it recently, but the toilet at the station had its own dispensing machine of tissue paper attached.

It is not easy to see in Tokyo, but direct sales of vegetables in the field also apply to vending machines.

Automatic rice polishing machines and coin automatic car wash machines or self gas stations are also vending machines and you can really see it in various places.

It is a vending machine that can be seen anywhere in Japan, but also overseas as well.

Vending machines where fruits are sold, vending machines of a kind like a pharmacy, etc.

I was particularly surprised by the fast food vending machines.

This vending machine I found at the Amsterdam station in the Netherlands.

It is a mechanism that opens doors when inserting coins, and it seems that the shop should do the replenishment from the back. I actually saw a moment of replenishment, but it was a strange sight as people went around in the back as they were designed so that they could see the back.

I was wondering the need to be a vending machine, but it may be a service that makes us fun for buying it.

I will return the story to Japanese vending machines, but juice vending machines also have functions that are not going abroad.

It is not easy to buy hot and cold beverages in one vending machine.

I do not usually care about it, but in reality it's amazing!

The world of vending machines is also deep!

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