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Tokyo origami museum

Hello everyone.

Have you ever heard about “origami”?

It is the famous culture of Japan, art of making figures by folding paper.

It is amazing that so many things can be shaped only with just a small paper.

I would like to introduce the place you can see and get beautiful origami.

“Tokyo Origami Museum” is located only one stop away from Shin-okachimachi station which is one of the nearest stations of UNO UENO.

There is a lot of delicately-made origami arts.

Can you believe all of these are made by paper?

Not only colored paper, you also can buy origami with cute patterns or even made by thin metal!

This is a crane I made.

It takes time to fold this once you try to make it neat and needed to concentrate.

Origami will be a good material for raising children’s creativity.

Why not take a look of this “Tokyo Origami Museum” and have some origami as your souvenir from Japan?


Tokyo, Sumida, Honjo, 1 Chome−31−5


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