Uno Spicy Ramen Nakamoto

Hello, everyone.

It has been so hot recently in Tokyo.

I really love to eat spicy food on a hot summer day.

So, I will show you my favorite spicy ramen place by Hotel Uno.

This place is called Nakamoto located 10 minutes from our hostel.

They have a red sign as picture.

Even though it was Sunday evening, I had to line up and wait for 20 minutes.

They have not just spicy ramen, but also non spicy ramen, so you can choose one you prefer.

I always choose the most popular one “Moko Tanmen”.

When I brought a Korean friend of mine, she ordered “Hokyoku Ramen” which is second spicy one, and she was eating that as nothing making me surprised.

This is Moko Tanmen.

It’s so good, hot and spicy, so you must be addicted.

They have about 20 shops around Tokyo, so you should try it if you love spicy food.

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