Hello everyone. It’s 2019! Hope you have a great year!

Today, I will introduce one of the popular clothing in winter for Japanese people.

that is…


Have you heard of that before? Most Japanese people have them to get over the winter. This is an underwear which is made from special fiber, which converts moisture into heat and keep your body warm.

If you are looking for something to keep your body warm, I will recommend this. Also, It is good as a souvenir for your friends who live in cold area, since Uniqlo does not still have many stores in foreign countries.

There is a huge Uniqlo store near Okachimachi station which is close to Hotel Uno. There is one of the eight huge Uniqlo store in Tokyo!

If you see this building, it is UNIQLO Okachimachi!!

Below is the floor map.

1F-4F is Uniqlo and 5F-6F is GU, which is Uniqlo’s sister brand for younger people. This building also has some restaurants on upper floor, so you can also eat if you got tired to do shopping!

This is the second floor for women’s clothing. It is big and organized, isn’t it? Also, there’s a lot of kind and color of clothing. I’m very sure that you will enjoy browsing and shopping here!

This is the one I personally interested in.

This is ULTRA WARM HEATTECH which is 2.25 times warmer than original one. Only this series is packaged in the box, not in a plastic bag. Doesn’t it look special?

The price is also twice as the original one, but it’s still 1,990yen.

If you are curious how warm it is and give it a try, please go there and buy it!

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