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Ueno Taiyaki

Good morning!

Half the excitement about travelling to Japan is being able to taste the seemingly endless variety of street food. There is a long list of must try Japanese snacks, and it can get a little overwhelming when you don't know where to start.

Let's cut right to the chase.... when in doubt, get yourself a taiyaki.

Ueno Taiyaki

Taiyaki is a popular Japanese snack. You can find these fish-shaped desserts in food stands all across the country. The waffle-like batter is commonly filled with red bean paste, but no worries if you're not a big fan. Although less traditional, custard and chocolate creme fillings can be just as easily found.

If you're looking to try taiyaki, look no further! Ueno Taiyaki is a small taiyaki shop located just 3 minutes away from our hotel. The friendly man behind the counter looks exactly like the illustration! What more could you ask for?

The store front

Ueno Taiyaki specializes in the red bean paste taiyaki. Both the batter and filling are handmade in store!

Taiyaki; 110 yen

The outside was crisp, and the batter to filling ratio was perfect. Priced at only 110 yen, Ueno Taiyaki is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth while still being easy on your wallet!

Monday-Saturday: 10:30~18:30 (Closed Sundays)

Address: 〒110-0015 Tokyo, Taito-ku, Higashi Ueno, 2-24-4

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