Tokyo Skytree

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to write about “Tokyo Skytree” !!!!

Skytree is 634 meters (2080 feet) of huge observation tower in Japan, not only Tokyo. And the second tallest tower in the world (Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the biggest one)

Go to Tembo Deck is 2060 yen for adult and Tembo Galleria is 1030 yen extra.

Visiting to Tokyo Skytree, “Tokyo Skytree Station” on the Tobu Lie and “Oshiage Station on the Hanzomon Line and Asakusa Line is convenient.

Additionally, there is a Skytree Shuttle! It departs from multiple locations which are Tokyo station, Ueno-Asakusa Area, Odaiba Area, and etc…

Those are convenient and easy way to get there, but I personally recommend you to walk from Asakusa. You will be able to see the view of traditional town and walk side of river☆

You can be this much closer to the Skytree!

There is an event space near by the entrance (see the picture down below)! You can grab some lunch and eat there when the weather is nice.

There is a shopping mall around the Skytree that is named “Soramachi”.

It is kind of funny that whole Skytree cannot fit this display because too tall (’▽’)

Soramachi has many restaurants and shops. You can spend whole day when you visit!

I assume a lot of ladies like Hallo Kitty because sometimes customer asked me that where is the biggest Hallo Kitty shop in Tokyo. They said shop in Solamachi is not that big, but I think it is good to know at least one place :)

I am writing this all information of the Skytree and Solamachi, but to be honest, I have never been to Tembo Deck of Skytree…. Probably I spend so much time on shopping and no time for going up (all women knows).

I have good news for the ladies like me, Soramachi has restaurants on 30 and 31 Floor! It is not 360 view but you can still see it☆

Please share us your experiences in Japan!

I hope I can see all of you guys who visiting this blog!

Front desk Manami

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