Where is“Tokyo german village”?

Is it in Tokyo or German??

The answer is ……”Chiba”. Yes, it is in Chiba Prefecture.

It is a bit far from Tokyo( or too far from German). It’s TOTALLY worth visiting there though.

They has been holding “Winter Christmas Lights”.

How cool and beautiful this bird is!!!

Can you find two love birds ? This is so sweet.

They will hold this event until April 7th. You can get there by a car or a bus.

They have shuttle buses from Sodegaura station to Tokyo German village.

It is freezing cold these days in Japan, but this beautiful place will warm you up.

Seeing Christmas lights is not all you can do there. You can get some foods in there as well.

I always get “SPARKLING CANDY”. It’s not about taste, it actually light up, so you can be a part of this Christmas Lights.

The entrance fee will be 500 yen if you go there by walk.( The bus fare will be 500yen for adults, 250yen for kids)

It will be 2500yen by a car.

For more information: http://t-doitsumura.co.jp/special_event/

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