The special day of eating eel rice bowl

There are many special days with eating traditional meals in the world, like Thanks Giving Day in north America, Burn’s night in Scotland, Dragon Boat Festival in China

Also, in Japan, there is a special midsummer day for eating eel meal called doyo no ushi no hi.

This special day changes every year that depend on Japanese old calendar and it is July 20th in this year.

Almost of all Japanese people eat Japanese eel (unagi) in this day for getting over abnormally hot summer.

If you want to try this Japanese custom, it is not difficult to do.

There is the eel restaurant named Kaneichi next to this hotel.

The menu is easy that there is only eel rice bowl and the price changes amount of eel.

I ordered standard eel rice bowl (\1600).

It tastes based on secret soy sauce and eel extract and you can get a lot of energy to eat this delicious eel meal.

This restaurant usually opens every day except Sunday and national holiday.

Lunch time: 11:00^1400

Dinner time: 17:00^20:00

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