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teamLab★digital art

Have you ever seen digital art?

I think you guys have no idea how beautiful it is...☺

Digital art is very popular in Japan!🗾

You should visit a digital art museum when you are in Tokyo!

team★Lab is located in both Toyosu and Odaiba.

I went to team★Lab Planets Tokyo, the Toyosu location.

You can experience different art installations at each location. team★Lab Borderless in Odaiba has 50 unique art pieces!

But just because there is a larger number of art pieces in Odaiba doesn't mean Toyosu isn't worth going! Toyosu is the proud home of the water exhibition, where you can be a part of the art itself, by walking barefoot in a room full of water! There were many families enjoying the museum with their kids! Isn't that wonderful?!

And of course, team★Lab would be a perfect date spot! Imagine strolling through the art installations with your significant other... how romantic!

team★Lab Planets is only a limited time exhibition. Hurry! They will permanently close next fall!


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