Hello everyone,

Some people say that they are losing their appetite because of the summer heat.

However, it does not fit me at all.

So I was looking for some good places to have a good lunch.

Then I came across a nice “Taichazuke” restaurant. Have you heard about it?

Taichazuke is boiled rice soaked with tea of the sea bream.

I only have had this a few times because it often comes as the finish dish of fine (expensive!) Japanese restaurant.

This place offers Taichazuke in high quality, low price.

“Taicha Stand”

Located just close to JR Okachimachi station which is one of the closest stations from UNO.

There are a lot of fancy dishes in the counter and it makes the ambiance stylish and relaxing.

Not only the counter seats, table seats were filled with families.

I had the “Taicha set” this time which seems the main menu of this restaurant.

Just 1,000 yen!

It is amazing that we can have this dish with this price.

Moreover, free refills on rice and tea!

Although some people might think this portion is too small, this meal will satisfy you.

Sesame paste’s smell stimulates your appetite!

You will taste the difference of the texture of rice.

As I mentioned above, Taichazuke should soaked with tea so this means you can have 2 patterns of this wonderful dish, just as normal rice and seabream and the actual “Taichazuke”!

Nobody will get lost how to eat and enjoy Taichazuke because of the perfect instruction.

(In Japanese though. But the picture tells everything, doesn’t it?)

I guess Taichazuke is not so popular in overseas but you can feel very JAPANESE taste so I definitely recommend you to have this one at “Taicha Stand”.

Once you show the pictures and talk about your experience of Taichazuke when you are back home, everyone will be envious of you!

11:00〜16:00(LO 15:30) 18:00〜23:00(LO 22:30)




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