Sumida Aquarium

Hi there!

It's gonna be the season to eat delicious stew right??

In japan, it is standard to cook stew by seafood.

Then, I gonna tell you guys about the aquarium nearby Tokyo Sky Tree hahaha.

its name is Sumida Aquarium.

They have some a lot of kind of jellyfishes

In those days, many Japanese girls are obsessed jellyfishes.

I was also sophisticated with them.

In addition they have giant isopods that inhabit in the deep sea.

It was but I've never forgotten it...

Next is coral zone.

I have advanced open water diver licence but I have not been...

These fish tanks made me transport to the sea world.

Among them, I was stolen my heart by spotted garden eels.

There is nothing to say without cute!!

Its main zone is penguin area.

There are 2~3 times of feeding time per one day.

Fortunately, I was able to watch that!!

It was my special experience ever!

In addition, there are seasonal exhibition in there.

It was also wonderful!


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