Studio Nanairo

The great spring came around in Japan!!

Did you plan seeing cherry blossoms somewhere else?? 😊

It must be so fun to go for a walk seeing cherry blossoms!!

The beautiful cherry blossom will make you want to drink a lot, but don’t do that too much haha

Then, I want to introduce a studio, which is very crowded in March and April!!

The name of the studio is “Studio Nanairo” in Asakusa!! Anyone who wants to enjoy photo shootings with Kimono or goes for a walk putting on it, or experienced “Oiran” style…!?

You need to check it out here!!

It will take about 30 seconds to walk from Kaminarimon. How convenient it is…

There it is!This is “Studio Nanairo Asakusa”!!

Wow…!!it looks showy(゜o゜) So gourgeous!! I saw passersby taking a glance at the store, but I know they’re right haha

Inside the store…

There are lots of Kimonos and some other bags!! Looks so nice!

These are albums for photo-shooting!! It must be a great memento if you buy them after doing a photo-shooting!

Incidentally, receptionists can speak English or Chinese, and all the staff have tried spreading Japanese culture and introducing how great Kimono and Oiran are all over the world!! They say that many foreign tourists have also visited so far(・o・)

Then, they’ve got interviews many times since they opened!?

They have many kinds of autographs on the wall!! It shows how popular it is, doesn’t it?

I think the most well-known one might be the Complicated Summers2 (モヤモヤさまぁ~ず2) from Japanese TV program!

Many customers would come from now on!

Then, let me change the topic a little. The plan the staff recommended the most of all was below↓

That’s “Ninja Experience”!! This plan has a positive review from foreign tourist because they can do photo-shootings in the elaborate studio!

Then, I wondered how great the studio was…??

It was so special the staff showed me the studio this time!!

Awesome!!(・o・)Very Japanese!!

I wish I could have taken a photo very well (._.) but it must be interesting only to see the items or feel the atmosphere!!

Sundries for kimonos are good enough for photo-shootings!!

In addition…they showed me the fitting room for Kimono promenade plan!!(I gotta appreciate ‘em all…)

Lots of kimonos there!! It’s difficult to choose one from here lol

There are many varieties for kimonos, so you can find one whatever you like!!

I got several brochures from the studio and put them at the front desk.

If you are interested in them, please take a look!!

Please refer to URL below. ↓


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