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We UNO Ueno is located in the area where you can try a variety of restaurants easily.

Today, I would like to introduce one restaurant called “STICK & SPOON”.


You can see it is on the second floor of the building in the picture. The red signboard may help you to find it:)

The lights and music inside are cozy, so customers can be very relaxed in the seat.

You can enjoy the atmosphere in regardless of your age or who you eat with (of course, in a case you are alone as well).

This restaurant has various menus, and in lunch time, you can enjoy the set menu, which is a main hamburger steak, salad, rice, and miso-soup.

Here is one of the lunch sets which I ordered last time:

This is the tomato & cheese hamburger steak set and enjoyed it so much.

The volume was enough for me, and for big eaters, you can have rice as much as you want in lunch time:)

I recommend this taste to all the lovers of tomato sauce/ketchup!

You can easily get to this restaurant from Ueno station and our hotel as well.

How about trying some hamburger steak here when you visit Ueno area?

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