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Shinobazu pond

Hello, everyone.

It has been getting cold recently in Japan.

Ueno Park, one of the most spacious parks in Tokyo and a popular hanami spot, is visited by over 10 million people each year. Ueno Park is in the Ueno district and you can go there by subway from pretty much anywhere in Tokyo.


There are lots of things to do in Ueno Park, like from visiting museums to wandering around the zoo or see the sakura trees.

Today, I introduce you the Shinobazu pond which is situated in the south of Ueno Park.

This is a picture I took when I visited there in the beginning of November.

The Shinobazu pond is divided into three parts, Lotus Pond, Boat Pond, and Cormorant Pond.

The picture is Lotus pond because its covered in lotus plants and lots of huge Japanese carps are swimming under it. In July, the lotus plants flowers came out and it’s absolutely beautiful.


In Boat pond, you can rent a cute little duck shaped boat and have fun there.

There is a little island called Bentenjima(弁天島), and Banzaiten(弁財天) is enshrined.

Long time ago, people need to take a boat to go see it, but the bridge is built so you can go see on foot.

I definitely recommend you to visit Ueno Park, full of museums, temples and beautiful nature, as well as, a neighborhood full of street food and lively markets.

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