Shinobazu Pond

Hi everyone!

How are you?

Today, I would like to introduce Shinobazu Pond to you.

This pond is in Ueno Park, about 10 minutes walk from our hotel.

You know Ueno park, right? But have you heard of Shinobazu pond??

There are rental boats, like cycle boats, swan boats, and low boats.

How about having a nice quiet afternoon on a boat, a bit away from the city noise…

By the pond, there are benches and nice side walk.

It’s very quiet around so people enjoy reading or walking here.

Ueno is one of the most energetic part of Tokyo,

there so much you can do here, shopping, eating out,

and in Ameyoko street you will find so many kinds of Japanese food!

In Ueno Park, there are also many museums and one of them is in the UNESCO’s list of World Cultural Heritage. Ueno Zoo is also in the park. A baby panda was born last year as you know!

When you came to Tokyo, please come to Ueno, and please stay at Hotel UNO!!

Have a nice day!


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