Shinjuku, Harajuku Area Introductions #1 Meiji Shrine

Meiji Shrine is ono of the most famous power spot in Tokyo.

This shrine is located nearby Harajuku station (JR line) or Meiji Shrine station (metro).

It takes 30 mins from Uno by JR line.

Harajuku station is the oldest wooden station in Tokyo.

After 1min walk from the station, you can see the big entrance.

It was crazy hot day in Tokyo, yet I felt cool in there.

In the middle of the road to main building, you can find Japanese sake casks.

It is common that Japanese sake is donated for shrine.

Also wine casks are donated by all over the world even this is Japanese shrine.

The reason is written in there so, check it out when you go there.

Walking 5 mins after, you arrive in the main building.

First you need to wash your hands and mouth in there.

And you can worship in there if you want.

The guidance of worship is written in English.

So there is no worry about that.

And they sells fortune items there.

They are good for souvenirs.

In autumn, the leaves is changing beautiful like yellow, orange, brawn etc…

It is the best season to go there :)

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