Shinjuku Harajuku Area Introduction #2 old closing

Hi there!!

Harajuku is the latest fashion area and the mecca of Japanese Kawaii culture in Japan.

So I'm gonna introduce you about old closing shops!!

1 Cicago Harajiku

This shop is one of the most famous shop in Harajuku.

There are not only reasonable closes but also hi-class vintage closes in this shop.


2 KINJI Harajuku

I used to buy closes many times in this shop in my school days.

This is the largest old closing shop in Harajiku I think.

So you might be able to find your favorite one.


3 flamingo Harajuku

This shop located Ura-Hara area (Literary meant is Harajuku Back Street Area).

There is a lot of original shops in there.

This shop is so fashionable that you cannot help taking pictures.


4 Cicago JIngumae

This is the branch shop of Cicago Harajuku.

They sells kimono(Japanese traditional closing).

Usually, kimono is expensive to get, yet you can buy them in lower price.

It will be wonderful souvenirs I think.


The last, I'm gonna tell you wonderful picture spot in Harajuku.

Its name is The SHEL’TTER TOKYO located Tokyu Plaza building.

It’s like you are in a mirror world!!


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