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Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Hello from Tokyo!

It is getting colder and colder in Japan recently.

On such a cold day, ramen is a perfect lunch / dinner!

We would like to introduce you a fabulous ramen place near Ueno station.

It is called “Shina-Soba YAMATO” 支那そば 大和

The place is clean and tidy and quite spacious as a ramen place.

When I went there, I ordered shrimp wonton noodles since this ramen place is famous for Wonton noodles!

When you order ramen, you need to choose Shiro-dashi (white soup) and Kuro-dashi (black soup).

I chose shiro-dashi, and the soup was very flavorful and it perfectly matched with ramen and wonton noodles!

I completely fell in love with wonton ramen here!

After some days, I visited the place again to try “mix-dashi”. It is mixed with the white soup and black soup.

The black soup tastes stronger than white soup because of the soy-sauce based black soup.

Next time, I would love to come back to try black soup and meat stuffed wonton noodles!

This place is little bit far from Ueno station, but you could take a walk from our hotel.

This is highly recommended if you are looking for new favorite ramen shops!

Shina soba YAMATO

6-1-5 Higashi Ueno Taito Tokyo

Tell: 03-6231-7026

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