Hello everyone!

I would like to introduce a shop located just close to HOTEL UNO called,


You can walk to the shop in a minute.

Friendly and welcoming owner is waiting you there.

There are a lot of goods which have the taste of good-old America.

It seems there is a workshop behind the store.

Very attractive leather products come from here.

Aren’t these jackets so cool?

I bought this one!

It is a cotton tie.

It has nice different texture from silk one.

I was just looking for new tie so it was lucky to find this!

The owner told me how to maintain this.

The owner, Mr. Yamazaki, gave me such an interesting story about his life and the shop.

He used to travel around America and the knowledge and experience he got from the journey makes the atmosphere of SHAKEDOWN TRADING special.

His philosophy, sell the only-one products made by himself, is the most of it.

In fact, HOTEL UNO’s lounge is built as if it were a café in New York.

Why don’t you buy your favorite item in SHAKEDOWN TRADING and come to UNO, have coffee and chat with guests and us?


1 Chome-23-9 Higashiueno, Taitō, Tokyo 110-0015



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