Odaiba Ooedoonsen

Hello Everyone!I am going to write about Oedo Onsen because I just went there, and it was so much fun!

You can stay a night like a hotel but most of people visit here for only bath!

The price range on week day is…Adult (above junior high school) 2,720 yenAdult (after 6pm) 2,180 yenChild (4 yrs old ~ elementary school) 1,058 yen(Under 4 years old) Free of charge-----The price is different on Saturday, Sunday, and holiday.It also has special price for midnight and early morning. People who has late/early flight can go to Oedo Onsen and take some rest ☆

This is entrance! You can choose the Yukata (which is kind of Kimono). They have so many kind of Yukata and all of them are so pretty☆

This is inside! It reminds me the summer festival in Japan. If you do not know what I am talking about, please visit japan in summer too. You will have so much fun!

It has so many food and restaurant that you can enjoy. The most awesome thing is you do not need to bring a wallet inside of the facility because your locker key will be as a money!!!(You will get a key of your locker after you registered, and the key has a bar code on it that will be like a money. You will pay everything when you leave) Oedo Onsen also has a rest area that you can sit and watch Japanese TV. You can ask for foot massage too. You will be able to relax for sure (‘ω’)ノOh I should mention something important ↓↓↓

People who have tattoos will not be able to enter the Oedo Onsen…

I know it is kind of too strict but most of the public bath are not allowed to enter the facility if you have tattoos…. Hope you guys understand (*_*)Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions :) Front desk Manami
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