Hi everyone!

It’s getting colder on and on in Japan.

Winter is coming soon.

Timing of changing the season has risk of health.

I caught a cold already.

I’m top runner of this case. lol

By the way what do you do when you feel sick?

The best way is go to the doctor and take a rest I think.

However it’s hard to do for some people in japan.

Someone has not enough time to go hospital or hate to go there.

Or lazy person like me.

The people do not want to go hospital buy some medicine at pharmacy.

There is two types of medicine “prescription drug” and “over-the-counter drug” in Japan

There are so many sort of medicine that even one illness

For example cold medicine.

Comprehensive cold medicine and medicine for throats, nose, cough and more…

It’s really hard to chose by ourselves. You would better to ask to staff of pharmacy.

Even for Japanese hard to choose.

Pharmacy sell not the only western medicine.

“Kakkontoh” that oriental medicine is good for starting of cold.

However it also hard to fine the timing to start to have it.

Medicine is not the only physical effect.

Illness make us weaker mentally.

We image medicine make the symptom better.

Japan has the word “The illness come from mental” from long time ago.

The medicine help to image to get better.

This is really important to be good I guess

Japanese medicime is made for Japanese.

It might be not enough if foreigner take a medicine same way with Japanese.

Also if we take a medicine for another country, might strong for Japanese.

I was really surprised by the size and color when I got the medicine in India and Australia.

I wrote about the medicine but the best is the healthy life without any medicine.

Please take care of your self!

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