Large souvenir shop【takeya】

Large souvenir shop

Needless to say that travelers worry about buying souvenirs.

I’m going to explain about the souvenir shop in Ueno area.

One of the biggest souvenir shop is located near our hotel.

It takes only five minutes from our hotel on foot.


That name is “Takaya(多慶屋)”.

It is well known as “purple building” by tourists from over sea.

Takeya sells Japanese snacks, Japanese tea, medicine,

cosmetic supplies, consumer electronics, etc..

They have over 200,000 products, so you will find something you need at a low price.

And there are multilingual staff, guidebooks, free wi-fi, and tax refund counter that you can buy something you want without hesitation.

Also, Takeya sells fresh foods, rice, pasta, noodles reasonably.

So, you buy those foods and you can cook in our hotel kitchen!!!

Of course, we have basically cooking items that help your hotel life.

We hope you try to cook Japanese food😊


Open 10:00-20:00(food area 8:30-20-30)

English: https://takeya.co.jp/english/

Chinese: http://cn.takeya.co.jp/

Korea: https://takeya.co.jp/korea/

Thai: https://takeya.co.jp/thai/

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