Kusatsu Onsen 草津温泉


I would like to introduce Kusatsu onsen.

It is one of the most famous hot spring in Japan.

This hop spring is blessed with large volume and high quality, it’s said to cure every illness but lovesickness....

Kusatsu onsen is most acidic hot spring and it kills almost all bacteria and has antibacterial power.

Because of this power and large volume, most Ryokans offer it without adding water or heat, and no need for disinfection using chemicals.

My recommendation is a local bath facility.

There are about 20 local baths in the area, and most of them are for free of charge!

If you go for the first time, be careful for its high temperature!!

You might surprise, but once you get used to it, it feels just right.

The central Yubatake area.

At night, it lights up and looks like this...

What do you think?

Maitake mushrooms 舞茸are one of the special products of the area.

You must try this! It’s sooo good!!

There are many places you can go from Ueno, so I will keep introducing our favorites spots.

Keep updated!!

See you soon.


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