Korean restaurant “Seoul”


On the other blog, I introduced a kimchi shop nearby, and today I would like to introduce a Korean restaurant in the same area.

The restaurant is called “Seoul”, offering both lunch and dinner, and they taste so good!

I have come here for lunch and had Samgyetang few times, but this time I came for dinner for the first time!


Potatoes and pork chops in a hot pot. The soup was so delicious!


This is a plate of spicy rice cake. It was much hotter than I expected, but it tasted good!


This is a pot of marinated beef and sliced vegetables.

This marinated beef was so delicious and in my opinion this was the best dish for the night!!

The restaurant has a good atmosphere and the staffs are very kind to teach us how to eat. No wonder there are regular customers!

When you come to Hotel UNO, please visit “Seoul”!

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