Famous Japanese pork cutlet restaurant「Yamabe」

Famous Japanese pork cutlet restaurant

There are a lot of dish that called cutlet in the world.

Japanese style culet called tonkatsu is using pork and loved by many Japanese.

Tonkatsu is generally served with shredded cabbage. It is most commonly eaten with a type of thick Worcestershire sauce called tonkatsu sauce and karashi (mustard).

You can eat such wonderful Japanese meal in Ueno area.

This restaurant is named Yamabe

There is so many people waiting yet, you can eat awesome tonkatsu.

The menu is simple, also they have an English menu.

Loin tonkatsu set (\750)

Large loin tonkatsu set (\950)

Tender loin tonkatsu set (\950)

Large tender loin tonkatsu set (\1,250)

Mix set that included mini-tonkatsu,, fried shrimp, fried horse mackerel(\850)

Premium loin tonkatsu set (\1,200)

Fried shrimp (\270)

fried horse mackerel (\190)


Beer (\520) etc…

I ordered loin tonkatsu set at that time.

This set includes cup of rice, miso soup with clams, tonkatsu Japanese seasonal pickles, and cup of tea.

It tastes so juicy and clunky that I could not stop eating them!!!

When I finished eating, I was satisfied with and I was in a dream.

Some Japanese athletes eat tonkatsu for their good luck, because katsu has double meaning that ‘cutlet’ and ‘to win(勝つkatsu)’.

So tonkatsu is something to bring good luck in Japan.

When you arrive in Tokyo, let’s try to eat it!!


Address: 6-2-6 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Open dairy 11:00-15:00, 17:00-21:00

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