Japanese Cafe Mantō

Hello, everyone!!

We all hope you can enjoy one of the greatest months in japan!!

We will introduce Japanese desserts this time!!Also known as…”Wa-Cafe”!!

Many Japanese people love eating “Warabimochi”, “Anmitsu” or some other Japanese desserts!(^^)!

That is why I also wander around the town and have dropped in some café a lot of times haha

Anyway, I went to the shop of the name of Mantō (萬藤) this time, and it looks…

Yes…Looks so Japanese!!but it seems not a kind of cafe…??

But don’t worry, there are a lot of desserts on the menu!!!

Many kinds of Japanese desserts there!!!

They have not only Japanese cloths called “Furoshiki” or some kinds of rice vinegar but also olives or tea bags from foreign countries!! So interesting…

Then, I ordered the main menu!! The menu says “one noodle and Japanese desserts combo” is one of their recommendation, so I ordered it.

You can choose one of Japanese desserts on the menu you like!!

There’s another dessert on the other side.

Brilliant…I must know more later!


Yes! that’s what I ordered!! This is “Handa’s noodle and Japanese Zenzai”!!

This concept is how they can provide the middle size of the noodle .The ingredients are so simple! In other words, they really care about the noodle, don’t they!? The right side of the picture is “Shiratama Zenzai” as I can choose one of the desserts!(I want to eat warabimochi next time…)

What I felt after eating them is…

So good!

The soup really absorbs into the noodle. Also, I was eating it with a slurping sound, which made my appetite so big!! I’m sure you can eat something new here!!

I ate the Zenzai as well, and it was so great I’d never forgotten that!! Bean-jam is moderately sweet, but you can feel how delicious bean-jam is if you can eat it in Japanese café!! After all, this café has a lot of knowledge of sweet ingredients doesn’t it??

I got to eat the bigger one posted above next time!!!

So…see you next time! We hope you can find not only this shop but also your favorite desserts shop by yourself!!

Mantō is located along Asakusa St. It takes about 3 mins to go there on foot.

Please refer to the URL below.


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