Introduction of ueno area

Hello everyone!

We are going to introduce Ueno area this time.

Ueno zoo is famous with giant panda in japan.

Ueno has a lot of museum and art gallery!

Tokyo national museum,The national museum of western art,National museum of nature and science,The ueno royal museum,etc,,,

It's good to take a relax at Ueno park all day long.

If you would like to shopping,you would better to go to famous shopping district called 'Ameyoko street'.

There are so many foreigner tourist in Ameyoko!

You can walk to Asakusa area as well.

There are the most famous temple in asakusa called 'Sensoji'.

You can walk to Akihabara where famous with Anime and Manga.

If you have lots of stamina,it's really nice to walk around for sightseeing.

Ueno is useful with transport.

You can take Shinkansen from ueno station.

Ueno is nice to chose entrance and exit of tour of japan!

I wanted to introduce detail of each place but let us do next time.

Simple introduction of ueno area for this time.

See you next time!

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