“Hakoyoshi” just 1minute walk from HOTEL UNO

Hello everyone.

I am going to introduce a shop which sells boxes of paulownia,

“Hakoyoshi” just 1minute walk from HOTEL UNO.

Whenever I am asked where to buy good souvenirs, I come up with this place.

This company was established 150 years ago, in the first year of Meiji era (1868)!

You can see many types and sizes of the box here.

There are more than hundred types of products. Large selection!

Not only traditional products, there are a lot of pretty things like these.

Because of the good price for the excellent quality, it was very hard to restrain myself from an impulse buying.

After a long consideration, finally I bought this postcard.

Of course, this is made of paulownia, you can put stamp on and send this just as a normal postcard. Isn’t this cool?

You will see authentic technique of craftsmen in this shop.

I can recommend here to anybody who is interested in Japanese tastes.

Tokyo, Taitō, Higashiueno, 1 Chome−27−12

OPEN Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00, Sat 10:00-17:00

CLOSED 2nd,4th Sat, Sun, Holidays


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