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Instrument shop street in Ochanomizu! Part 3

Hello everyone.

I am going to introduce Ochanomizu where known as instrument street again.

There are so many instrument shops there.

Instrument shops street has some good point.

For example,there are plenty of shops to make price negotiations easier!

Musical instruments are negotiable ! Did you know that?

For example, "I thought about this budget. Next shop showed me lower price than your shop.." Negotiation may be possible!

I think that it will surely be satisfying shopping.

There are shops of various instruments such as violin.

Just walking is fun!

People who are personally playing instruments are worth visiting once.

Why do people who are not interested in musical instruments can see the same things as the musical instruments used by their favorite musicians and how you can enjoy themselves in various ways?

Maybe there are signs of that musician you like!

Ochanomizu is recommended because we are transferring from Akihabara to Chuo Line and also from the Ueno area!

You really ought to go and see!

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