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Instrument shop street in Ochanomizu! Part 2

Hello everyone!

I will introduce Ochanomizu where known as instrument shop street.

There are many instruments shops along Meidai dori street from JR Ochanomizu Station.

It takes a lot of times if I will see all of instrument shops in Ochanomizu..

But there are benefits if the musical instruments are so dense!

First you can choose a shop where you can easily talk to a clerk, you can choose from among a large number of instruments.

For example, although there were instruments you liked, even if you did not want it, you might find it if you go around the instrument store of Ochanomizu.

Because instruments are not cheap shopping, we recommend that you choose while talking to a clerk in order not to regret.

Clerks also have a lot of rivals around, so please be relieved as they care about customers very much!

They accept test play with welcoming

Of course staff’s knowledge is amazing, so I can get advice on how to take care of.

You must go there if you are interested in.

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