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Instrument shop street in Ochanomizu! Part 1

Hello everyone!

I would like to introduce about Ochanomizu's instrument shops this time.

Ochanomizu is famous and big instruments shops in Japan.

Musical instruments Ochanomizu is a very enjoyable place both for beginners and advanced players.

Even looking at the right and looking at the left is also an instrument. There is no reason not to be excited!

For example, in a musical instrument shop in a town, the drum corner is so small that it is hard to see the real thing.

In Ochanomizu, there is drum specialty shop.

Anyway, it is full of musical instruments.

There are musical instrument streets abroad, but I think that the big one is rare.

There is a musical instrument town near Tottenham Court Road in London, England, but I felt the scale of London is smaller compared to Ochanomizu.

There are many instruments shops along Meidai dori street from JR Ochanomizu Station.

It takes a lot of times if I will see all of instrument shops in Ochanomizu..

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