IC ticket

Hi everyone!

Do you know IC ticket for transport(train,subway,bus...etc) in japan?

You can use as pre-paid card at convenience store as well.

The most major card is "Suica""PASMO".

The name is depend on the place you will buy.

JR Hokkaido has Kitaca

JR east has Suica

JR tokai has TOICA

JR west has ICOCA

JR kyushu has SUGOCA

Private railway has PASMO

We have IC ticket like this.

You can use at almost all of Japan except some part.

It's really useful for tourist.

Besides no need to calculate for change and no need to bring lots of coins!

IC ticket is already spread in Japan but before wasn't.

We used magnetic card for only train or bus.

IC ticket is also able to use as commuter pass.

Besides some mobile phone or smart watch can use as IC ticket instead of actual card.

Useful ticket isn't only japan.

Some countries has similar stuff.

Oyster card in London in UK.

T-money card in Korea.

Super cute design in Taiwan!

It's popular as souvenir as well.

go card in Australia.

China was coin ticket for train.

Touch to the gate when you enter and insert coin when you go out of train.

Anyway you can buy IC ticket at vending machine on Train or subway station.

Why not buy IC card in Japan when you travel?

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