Hiking spot by Tokyo

Hi, everyone!

It has been warm as much as you could enjoy outdoor activities, so I will show you my favorite place for hiking by Tokyo today.

・Mt. Takao

This is one of the most popular hiking place in Japan that is placed in 1 hour from the city center of Tokyo.

It takes 1 hour from Shinjuku with Keio Line, and the station building has wooden taste.

There are 6 courses from the station to the summit, and the cable car and the lift are available on some courses.

On the way to the summit, there is a shrine that is famous for Tengu (legendary goblin).

You might be able to enjoy the view with Mt. Fuji from the summit if it’s clear.

・Mt. Ohyama

This is a mountain by Mt. Takao.

Since it takes longer from the city, this is not popular as Mt. Takao, but also not busy as there.

You can enjoy hiking in the nature as picture.

They also have 2 shrines at the middle of the mountain and the summit.

The shrine makes it really otherworldly atmosphere with the smog.

・Mt. Mito

You can enjoy the rich nature is unbelievably in Tokyo.

It takes 1 hour and half from Shinjuku with Chuo line.

When I went there middle of last month, the cherry blossom was still there in the mountain.

There is a waterfall and a stream in the middle of the hiking course, you can enjoy the stunning view with stream and mossy stones.

The 3 places I showed you are easy to get from Tokyo with public transportation.

I hope you will enjoy the nature in Tokyo, but make sure you bring much equipment.

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