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Hi Cha Bubble Tea


Tokyo is currently in the midst of a bubble tea craze. Within the past few years, dozens of new stores have popped up across the city. They're very easy to spot-- just keep an eye out for the long lines of jyoshi kousei, or female high school students, and you're likely to find a popular bubble tea joint.

Bubble Tea (commonly known as tapioca tea in Japan), originates from Taiwan. You can customize everything from the tea base and toppings to the amount of sugar and ice in your drink! If tapioca isn't your thing, most places have other options, such as jellies and...cheese cream 😲 . No matter how picky an eater you are, there is no doubt you'll find a drink you enjoy!

Today I tried the Brown Sugar Tapioca Milk Tea at Hi Cha, one of the many bubble tea stores located in the Ueno area. Because Hi Cha is located on a quieter road a few streets away from Ameyoko, there was hardly a wait between ordering and receiving my drink!

Hi Cha also offers passion fruit, chocolate, and various milk teas (you can choose from black, jasmine and two types of oolong tea). Prices start at 430 yen.

Why not add tapioca bubble tea to the list of things to try on your trip to Tokyo?

Address: Tokyo, Taito, Ueno 6-10-7 Business Hours: 11:00~18:00 Closed Wednesdays

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