Harajyuku Area

Hello everyone!

Rainy season is coming soon…

I am pretty sure that people like me who hate rain do not want to go outside in this season. But we should not be inside every day because of rain!

There are so many places that you can go when the outside is raining, like movie, aquarium and etc…

ALSO, you need to see something colorful and cute when you feel down, where is Harajyuku!!! I guess Harajyuku is the most kawaii place in Tokyo(‘ω’)ノ

I have never seen this object before even though I come here a lot when I was in a high school. This is a great photo spot for travelers☆

Harajyuku has a many shops! You can buy a crepe and big colorful cotton candy at Takeshita street XD

The weekday is not that crowded like this photo, but the weekend is…… You do not want to imagine how it is like….. Please watch your child carefully otherwise you may lose them (*_*)

You will have so much fun just seeing Kawaii stuff and people in Harajyuku!

↑↑↑ This cream puff was sweet and delicious! Please try it when you have time!

Please ask at front desk if you have any questions! We are always happy to help you☆

Front desk Manami

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