Hello everyone.

It is getting colder every day.

Are you ready for the winter? (I just want to hibernate.)

You need to eat a lot not to get a cold.

Here is just the place for that

BURGER & MILKSHAKE CRANE is the place you can refill your energy to get over this winter.

The shop itself is covered with cute colors and it makes the ambience easy to walk in.

But the taste is authentic.

There are a lot of choices of hamburger and milk shake.

More than 20 types of hamburger await you.

The one I ordered was avocado cheese burger.

With thick beef patty, mild cheese, rich taste avocado, this burger seems perfect.

The side french-fries are also super.

These are more than enough to satisfy your stomach, but you cannot leave here without ordering this one.

Not only burgers but also milkshakes as it is shown on the name of this shop are extraordinary.

The number of the types of milkshakes are almost the same as burgers here.

It looks so heavy, yes it is, but is still easy to drink.

This sweet chai milkshake was the best one I have ever had.

They have half size so no worries for somebody who is not a big eater.

I guess they know well about the needs of their customer.

BURGER & MILKSHAKE CRANE is located walking distance from Okachimachi station which is one of the closest of UNO Ueno.

How about talking a walk through Ueno park and have a rest at this photogenic burger shop?


6 Chome-16-3 Sotokanda, Chiyoda, Tokyo




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