Halloween candy (KitKat)

Hello, everyone!

Halloween season is coming! All kids in another counties are excited because they will be able to get a lot of candy (^^♪

Japan do not have a “trick-or-treat” culture like children go house to house and ask treat. However, there is a huge Halloween event in Shibuya! People wear costume and drink at bar. (too too too many people…. you do not even want to go….)

Speaking of candy, there are so many candies we can get from supermarket and convenience store. KitKat is the one of the famous chocolates in Japan and other countries!

You may be able to find a regular chocolate KitKat beside Japan, barely seen green tea and strawberry. KitKat has so many varieties of flavor that you have never seen!

I want to introduce couple KitKat that I found in Don Quijote.

(I recommend to go Don Quijote if you want to buy some random stuff or souvenir or KitKat. I believe it sell almost everything what we need!)

↓↓↓I could not take all of those at once because too many!

First, strawberry flavor! You can tell from the package that it is a bit luxury compare to regular one.

How surprised! There is a WASABI flavor! This smells like sweet wasabi…. Some people do not like it, but some people could love it! Let’s try it★

All ladies love Hojicha flavor in Japan. We do not know why, but it looks so attractive…

Do you remember there is Sake flavor KitKat? The idea of using alcohol as flavor is nice and surprising. I did not expect another sake flavor came out. KitKat can make any kid of flavor!

This is strawberry cheese cake flavor!

There are two different packages of this flavor. One of the packages with Mt. Fuji can be souvenir from Japan :)

Beside this green tea KitKat, I found 3 different green tea flavor which I do not know the difference. You can buy and try everything then you will know the difference!

This is typical Hiroshima sweets “Momiji Manjyu” flavor! Red bean powder is inside!

I love this flavor! “Red sweet potato”

Okinawa has many good foods and sweets, and this sweet potato things is one of my favorite food! It has natural sweetness (*^^*)

You will be able to find more KitKat if you visit other city in Japan!

Hope you can find what you like!

Enjoy Halloween!


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