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Golden week!

Hello everyone!

Golden Week that huge holiday will end soon, but how was it?

This year is 10 days maximum of consecutive holidays, I guess many people went further.

I guess so many people went abroad.

It seems that the expressways as well as the airports were very busy.

The airport is easy to lost way because of complex structures, but it is more difficult when it is crowded.

It may be that the terminal is different in international and domestic flights, and it may go wrong to another terminal (I am often.lol).

By the way, I don't like crowded place, so I would like to spend at home on consecutive holidays.

Thankfully Hotel UNO, many people used to stay the night before taking a flight.

Such Golden Week will be over and will be back to usual, but thank you for all who spent the time at Hotel UNO!

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