Fresh pasta restaurant“Gran Pasta”

Hello everyone!

Today, I would like to introduce this fresh pasta restaurant called Gran Pasta.

It takes about 5minutes from our hostel.

There is a ticketing machine in front of the shop like this.

This restaurant serves a double-size pasta, that weight 600grams!!

I don’t find many restaurants that serves this much of fresh pasta.

This is a normal size, still it’s 300 grams!

The price is not expensive, the normal size is 490JPY, and the double size is 650JPY.

It is recommended not only for office workers’ lunch time, but also Hotel UNO’s guest from all over the world!

This is my favorite!

Meat sauce!!!!

I like it because of the amount and that it has plenty of meat sauce on it so that even for 600 grams you can enjoy until the last bite!

You know 600 grams for Ramen is quite big portion for one person, I wondered at first if I can finish all this, but I did it easily!

I believe it’s because simply this pasta is delicious, so I can eat this much.

I think you should also try this double size when you come around!

You will be satisfied!!

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