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The first month of 2019 passed already. Time flies!

Today Feb 3rd is what we call Setsubun, which tells us the change of the seasons from winter to spring. On this day, Japanese people enjoy eating Ehomaki, a roll-shaped sushi covered by seaweed, wishing the happiness for the new year.

While some people make Ehomaki by themselves at home, you can also buy one in the convenience stores and supermarkets. Indeed, the market of Ehomaki has grown last 10 years and became quite popular since 2014. Not only people who live for the Buddhism life-style but young people came to enjoy Ehomaki as a symbol of Setsubun.

You can actually find a bunch of choices at the stores from the most traditional Ehomaki, a rolled sushi with egg, eel, and pink fish floss in it, to gripping new-comers such as the one with veggies and fish.

Are you excited to eat Ehomaki on Setsubun? Lucky you! Hotel UNO has good accesses to those mega convenience stores. Lawson, the closest convenience store, is 30 seconds walk away from Hotel UNO. There are also Family Mart and Seven Eleven on your way to JR UENO station. You can pick one at those convenience stores or get one from each store and do food tasting😊

As a tradition, Ehomaki is supposed to be eaten from the certain direction without speaking until you end the whole sushi. Visit us and have a Setsubun experience during your stay!

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