Day trip Ryogoku part3

Hello, guys!

I would like to introduce day trip in Ryogoku area.

Ekoin Temple

You can walk to this temple from Ryogoku Station.

There is buddhist temple.

The sumo event held within the temple ground to raise money for the temple from 1781 were the origin of today's sumo wrestling.

And there is grave of NEZUMIKOZO.

NEZUMIKOZO was Japan's Robin Hood, stealing from the rich and powerful and giving to the poor. Nezumikozo translates something like 'Mouse-boy': a reference to his stealth.

It is believed that rubbing the Nezumikozo Stone, usually with a pebble, and putting the dust-coated pebble in your wallet will give you a share of the luck that Nezumikozo enjoyed in going for years without being caught and contribute to your wishes coming true.


"Lord Kira's Residence," is an old walled compound 5min from

Eko-in Temple. Kira-tei is famous for being where Kira Kozuke-no-suke, the villain in the tale of the 47 Samurai or "Chushingura," was killed in revenge by the 47 retainers of Asano Naganori, who had been ordered to commit suicide for his role in a fight with Kira in Edo Castle.

Free to entrance fee.

Feel the summer, you should go there!

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