Day Trip around Mt Fuji

Hello, everyone!

Summer has come close to the end, but I do not feel the end of the summer.

This summer is terribly humid.

How about one day trip around Mountain Fuji and Lake Kawaguti-ko area.

I would you like to recommend around Mt .Fuji area.

Mt.Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan and there is World Heritage.

It is 3776 meters above sea level.

About 2 hour by bus From Shinjuku station or Tokyo station.

which cost is around JPY3,000yen for Kawaguchi-ko station.

Not so expensive.

Then I recommend you a station cafe, call Gateway Fujiyama.

That has limited food and ice cream.

You can take away and it does seem popular with locals.

And you can see Mt,Fuji from station,

Mt,Fuji was very fantastic!!!!!!!

Have you ever seen Mt,Fuji ??? It is so beautiful beyond description.

And there is information center and English map is available.

Should be very useful, and If you have a time you can by walk from

Station about 30min.

As you can enjoy various characteristics each, what you see all maybe good.

In addition, season when Lake Kawaguchi-ko does well most at this time!!

Discover unusual pleasure just to take a walk through town.

This is from around Lake Kawaguchi-ko.

Mt, fuji was so beautiful, you can feel so summer season at here.

Don’t need think, just feel.!!

If you have a enough time, there is five lakes around Mt,Fuji.

The town offers different views with different lakes.

You can enjoy the nice view of Mt, Fuji from this area!!!!

Summer season will be soon be over, have a enjoy fro your holiday!

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