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Dagashi (snack)

Hi everyone!

Do you know Dagashi?

It's snack that you can buy really cheap.

Some foreigner might know from Japanese anime that Dagashi is the theme.

Lots of Japanese had dagashi in them childhood.

It's cone snack called "Umaibo" .Just only 10yen! You can buy at convenience store.

it's chewy candy!Cute isn't it?

Cola candy,cigarette candy,sweet like yogurt. There are really popular among japanese.

We roll play with cigarette candy like a real cigarette in childhood.

It's really traditional snack called "Kinako bo". It's Soy powder candy.

Those snack like a sheet called taro series.

I love BBQ flavor!

You can buy at some convenience store with 10 yen.

Super cheap!

If you are interested in dagashi,you can buy at snack shop "Niki no kashi" in Ameyoko street.

They don't sell with small package,but really cheap!

Why not try it as souvenir of japan!

4-6-11 Ueno Taito-ku Tokyo


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