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Today we are going to continue from the last blog, Chichibu!

Last post was about line cruise and famous river fish cuisine.

We would like to introduce the spots around Chichibu Station.

1. Chichibu Shrine

After getting off from Chichibu Station and

walking for a couple of minutes, you can see beautiful shrine.

Four goddesses are enshrined there, they bring you good luck in various ways from learning to safety of your family.

Main building of the shrine is decorated by animal carvings such as monkeys, a tiger, and an owl, which are believed to attract good fortunes or protect people from evil.

In the train, there are descriptions of implied meaning of each animal gods, so you can enjoy your way to Chichibu Station.

“Mizu-Uranai (水占い)”, hydromancy, is also famous!

There are completely no words in fortune slip at first, but when you put it in a small stream in the shrine, letters appear and god tells your fortune!

2. Sun Dolce, gelato shop

Let’s have a break with sweet gelato after visiting Chichibu shrine!

“Sun Dolce” is located in front of the shrine.

They have flavors uses local products of Chichibu, such as Chichibu-Nishiki(秩父錦, sake), razzberry made in Chichibu, and Miso Potato!

Chichibu Shrine, 秩父神社

Address: 1-3 Banba-Machi, Chichibu-Shi, Saitama

Access: Chichibu Station (3min by walk)

Sun Dolce

Address: 4-8 Banba-Machi, Chichibu-Shi, Saitama

Business hours: 10:00 AM- 7:00 PM

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