Cherry Blossom

Hello everyone!

How did you like this winter? It has been super cold, and I think everyone cannot wait spring season!

Do you know "Hanami"? It is literary means flower viewing. It is Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the cherry blossom as well as food and drinks!

There are 4 kinds of cherry blossom is famous in Japan which is "Someiyoshino", "Shidare-zakura", "Yae-zakura", and "Kan-zakura". All of them are very beautiful even thought I cannot differentiate which one is which ('ω')

This picture is cherry blossom in Ueno park☆

Japanese people enjoy the Hanami with their friends, family, and colleagues under this beautiful tree.

You may surprise that why people enjoy the picnic at night.

People do Hanami not only day time, also night time! You can see from this picture that cherry blossoms are lighting up! ('o') ('o') ('o') Don't you think this is so beautiful?

Also, you can meet new people and make some friends who sit next seat or table. They may share food and drinks with you 😊

Tip: Do not forget a jacket or scarf! Outside is still cold even spring!

Those are famous spot that we recommended for you guys!

・Inokashiraonshi Park

・Yaesu Sakura Street

・Roppongi Hills Mouriteien

・Ueno Park

・Sumida Park



Please visit UNO UENO and share your experiences in Tokyo! We are excited to hear one of your stories 😊 You will defiantly be able to enjoy Japan when you visit in spring!

Hope you guys have a wonderful day!

Frontdesk Manami

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