Biggest station in Tokyo

Biggest station in Tokyo

Hello everyone!

August is almost over…It means season will change to fall!

Some people had long vacation during summer, and they might take a bullet train (Shinkansen) to go other cities. Tokyo station is the biggest and most popular station in Tokyo!

You can buy tickets from machine or at “Midori no madoguchi”.

I recommend going there if you are not sure how to buy. (Bullet tickets are super expensive…you do not want to waste it!)

There are so many shops and restaurants at Tokyo station. You definitely spend so much time on window shopping, so you better go early!

Here is some information of shopping and food area ↓↓↓

I think some people are big fun of Hello Kitty / Jiburi / Pokemon! Those shops are not that big but better than nothing!

You get hungry after shopping, and there is a ramen street right next to character street!

You will be able to eat different kind of ramen at Tokyo station! I recommend Rokurinsha which is number 3 in this picture. It is famous for Tsukemen (Dipping ramen). I brought my friend and he loved it :)

Ramen is the always best choice for people who do not have much time.

Outside is still really hot, so please drink a lot of water to be hydrated!

Do not hesitate to ask us any travel questions☆彡

Front desk Manami

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