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Hello everyone!

Tokyo has been getting cold and became winter! Hope all of you are doing well.

I think Japan is the one of famous country in the world as many reasons.

We have so many food, product and place that attract our visitor. And I also think season is one of the attractive points. Japan has 4 seasons Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Each season has some event and place to see.

Spring is the season of Cherry blossom! We go to Hanami which is kind of picnic. The temperature is getting warm so good to be outside. However, this is not good season for people who has spring allergy (hay fever)…(*_*)

People are feeling a bit more energetic and go out more in summer! We can reach the beach and Water Park when we take train about an hour. We can also enjoy festival and fireworks in this season!

During the autumn season in Japan, the leaves of the maple trees and ginkgo trees turn red and yellow in concert presenting you with beautiful scenery at every turn.

You can feel the beauty of nature in this season :)

Winter season is around November to February. (It may depend on the place)

There are so many events in this season like a Christmas and New Year! Japan Christmas is kind of for couple! You should make a reservation as soon as you can if you plan something!

Japan has own traditional way to spend time in New Year. We eat special dishes called osechi ryori during shogatsu. And it is traditional for Japanese people to visit a shrine or a temple during New Year's holidays (Around Jan 1st to 3rd.)

I have not really think about what we have. I have been working at Hotel for a while and many our guest taught me so many good things about Japan. Even though I cannot go travel around in Japan like our guest, I can get a lot of information or memories from our guests!

Hope all of people who visit Japan can enjoy the moment that you have ☆

Hotel Uno

Front desk Manami

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