Beer of the world

Japan is one of the best beer country in the world.

We can buy them in convenience store, yet there are many kinds of beer.

I would explain about Japanese beer to enjoy Japan.

Pilsner style lagers are the most commonly produced beer style in Japan, but beer-like beverages, made with lower levels of malts categorized as liqueur with soda called happoshu (literally, "bubbly alcohol") have captured a large part of the market, as tax is substantially lower on these products.

So, I hope you to drink real beer when you come to japan.

There are three major breweries in japan: Kirin, Asahi, Sapporo.

Kirin is the most popular in Japan and well known all over the world.

Kirin usually produce seasonal beer only in Japan. Even you used to drink Kirin beer, you can find new one.

Aashi is also popular and first place in sell in Japan.

It tastes dry and bitter thus I usually drink it.

Sapporo is the oldest brewery in japan. It loved by savvy Japanese people.

Also, Sapporo sells high-quality little expensive beer named Yebisu.

It is the best way for special day.

Finally, I tell you about how to distinguish between truly beer and beer-like beverages.

They are so alike label that you may confuse.

Yet you can distinguish them whether it is written the word of ‘beer’ or not.

In addition, you can distinguish its price.

Now, Japanese craft beer is growing up fast and popular in the world.

There is not only pilsner lager style but also ale, IPA, black and flavor so, anyone who love beer should come to Japan!!

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